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Our board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner works under the supervision of Dr. Charles Rasmussen, MD, providing general family practice services including:

*Comprehensive Physical Exams/Routine Care
*Comprehensive Labs
*Health Consultations
*Body Composition Analyses
*Individualized Nutrition & Exercise Counseling
*One-on-one as well as group support
*Weekly to Monthly follow-up based on goals
*Private label raw ingredient supplements

Health & Wellness Promotion, Disease Prevention, Weight
Management, Nutrition Counseling, Exercise Counseling, Family Medicine, and Raw Ingredient Supplements


The Problem

*Lack of access to healthcare services in rural Missouri due to shortages in primary care.

*Focus of care in conventional medicine is disease management.

*Lack of time and resources for physicians to provide appropriate patient education and healthy lifestyle promotion

*Patients are often told they need to improve their health, get active, and lose weight but fail to provide education, resources, and counseling to reach these health goals.

*Current gaps in health programs and absence of evidence-based health promotion programs and interventions.

The Solution


*Expand services in our community by offering medical provider prescribed lifestyle modification programs that accompany comprehensive primary care.

*Collaborate with local physicians to offer services to their populations when they lack the time and resources to meet the wellness needs of their patients.


*Initiate a weight management
program that offers comprehensive evaluation with diagnostics to tailor programs to meet individual needs.

*Follow patients closely to ensure their success for years to com.

*Offer supplements, nutritious foods, and beverages on-site for convenience when on-the-go.

Business Idea

Healthcare Clinic: Clients/Patients will be offered comprehensive healthcare services based on a fee-for-service model. A typical office co-pay of $85 will be charged for each office visit. Payment is due when services are rendered. Clients/Patients are able to submit charges to their insurance company for reimbursement. Each service offered will accumulate a charge to the total cost of the visit. Laboratory and Radiology services are charged separately from the visit, providing additional revenue stream for the business.

Weight Loss Clinic: Clients are offered a health screen to include a comprehensive exam, vitals, measurements, body composition analysis, metabolic analysis, and laboratory with individualized meal and exercise plan, and health journal for $350. Weekly weigh-ins and monthly check ups with adjustments to plan will follow at a charge of $50 per month. Food scales offered at $20 each.

Retail Product Idea

Retail Product Features

The Market

Health Clinic: Target market- local individual in need of primary care services at any age.

Weight Management: While this can be a service for children with obesity, our target market is ages 18 and up.

Majority of population: Females ages 16-65

About Our Customers

Where can our customers be found?

What motivates our customers?

Market Research

Research suggests for the past 100 years or more dieting has been viewed as suffering, leading to a 95% fail rate. This is largely due to lack of individualization of plan, too few calories, and lack of variety of foods and meals.

Tools to a successful weight management program

The definition of ATONE is to make up for errors or deficiencies. Atoned Health + Wellness Studio assists patients with reversing poor lifestyle choices that has affected their overall health. Many chronic conditions are preventable and curable with healthy lifestyle modification. Think of the healthcare savings that could be achieved for individuals and employers if they did not require expensive diagnostics and medications. The pendulum of healthcare must shift from management of disease to prevention of disease so that we can stop surviving and start thriving.

Key Findings


Missouri is one of the heaviest
states in the country, with 35% of adults obese and 31% of children ages 10-17 overweight or obese.

Physically inactive adults

The percentage of adults who is 30.6% when compared to the
National average of 26.4% physically inactive adults.

Chronic Disease

In Missouri, about 95% of are physically inactive in Missouri adults over 65 had at least one chronic disease of the 13
most common chronic co-morbidities.

  • Missouri is considered one of the highest
    rates of obesity, physical inactivity, and
    chronic disease.
  • More than 80% of adults over 65 have atleast 2 co-morbidities and 65% had atleast three.
  • The projected total cost of chronic disease from 2016-2030 in Missouri is $828 billion.
  • Obesity rates for Stone County are
    32.5% and Taney County 31%.
  • Costs associated with physical inactivity account for more than 11% of total health care expenditures.
  • The medical costs associated withobesity among adults is estimated at$147 billion dollars.

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